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نظام إدارة سيارات البيع

Van Sales Management System VSMS

Key Benefits
🔴Track and record all sales and delivery transaction date, time salesman & vehicle.
🔴Data accuracy.
🔴Minimize transaction errors.
🔴Improve employee and management information.
🔴Track the payments and any defaulters from the customer side.
🔴Track and Reduce returns.
🔴Proof of Delivery.

نظام إدارة الدور

QUEUE Management Systems QMS

🔴Supports centralized administration as well as individual branch wise administration
🔴unlimited number of queues and operations
🔴web based interface
🔴Appointment system with ability to integrate with call centre, website & mobile apps
🔴Menu and submenu support
🔴Fully integrated with survey module
🔴Data archiving, transformation
🔴Customer Identification (Civil ID chip reading)
🔴Email & SMS notifications (Customers, administrators, Agents)
🔴Virtual Ticket
🔴Digital signage
🔴Context Marketing messages
🔴Hardware monitoring
🔴Customer Feedback Solution (Survey)
🔴Central User management
🔴Multilingual support
🔴Online monitoring
🔴Map view
🔴Business Intelligence (BI)

نظام الارشفه الالكترونيه

Enterprise content management (ECM)

🔴Electronic archiving
🔴Workflow process management
🔴Document retrieval
🔴Input/Output management
🔴Web content management
🔴Knowledge management
🔴Document management

Having DocuWare means optimal organization: documents are stored in a way that’s quick and smart.
No matter where or when you need information, it can be retrieved in seconds.

🔴Centralized Storage
🔴Storing in Digital File Cabinets
🔴Organize It, Automatically
🔴Smarter Searches, Quicker Retrieval
🔴Mobile Documents
🔴Eliminate Paper
🔴Email Management

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