About K.Agenda

Established in 2015, KuwaitAgenda is a new innovative company seeking to change the way people shop daily. KuwaitAgenda provides consumers with the daily discounts, promotions, and deals in their country, which can be browsed either via categories or specific companies or brands, from the web or mobile. Based on a carrier-class web and mobile marketing platform, KuwaitAgenda enables brands to effectively communicate with existing and potential customers who are continuously seeking local promotions and deals.

KuwaitAgenda’s goal is to provide its users with an updated list of local promotions and deals, whenever they are, wherever they are. This goal was the primarily cause for the development of the KuwaitAgenda marketing suite, which consists of the KuwaitAgenda Web and Mobile portal as well as email marketing and social media outlets. These channel initiatives empower brands to reach target customers on the fly, whenever and wherever they are.

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