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In a fast-paced highly developed era, the continuous development information technology endures corporate and organizations to seek additional,if not more advanced solutions to manage all the information and documents.
Organizations produce huge amounts of documentation by managing all the information through document Recovery, Classification, Securing and Archiving of Records for future reference is essential to increase efficiency and productivity and the smooth functionality of any organization. This event will equip those responsible for Records Management with the knowledge and skills to respond to the rapidly evolving challenges of new technologies.


  • New approaches in Electronic Archiving management.
  • Policies, Strategies, Plans, and Risk management for Electronic Archiving.
  • Governmental roles in the development of Electronic Archiving systems.
  • Recent / available Electronic Archiving applications.
  • Mailing within governmental institutions. Governmental models and cost models for Digitization and Archiving.
  • Cloud Archives.
  • Best international practices in Electronic Archives.
  • Record management Archiving and Retrieving systems.
  • Preparation for Archiving (pre-ingests and ingest).
  • Digitization and Archiving of cultural heritage.

For More Info :
December 7, 2016

Wednesday   8:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Radisson Blu – Kuwait City
Meeting Room: Wharba – 2nd Floor

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