The Seventh Sense – الحـــــاسـّــــــة السـّـــــابـعــــــــة

The Seventh Nuqat Conference “مــؤتمــر نقـــاط الإبــداعــي الســابــع” is one of the largest creative conference events in the MENA region and registration is now open for their seventh annual conference titled “The Seventh Sense”.

The week long program will take place at the Amricani Cultural Centre from the 10th to the 17th of November and include interactive talks, discussion panels, roundtable sessions, workshops, cultural tours, galleries, live performances and more.

All lectures and discussion panels are free to attend but you still need to register for a tickets Click Here or using the Nuqat app.


The workshops on the other hand aren’t free (Except the kids ones). Below is a list of all the workshops that will be taking place:

  • Designing and Producing Arabic fonts using Glyph app ($365)
  • Wall Tagging: Wajh Al Hurouf: Face of Calligraphy ($265)
  • Creative Pivoting: Your Business From New Perspectives ($365)
  • Food in Motion Photography ($365)
  • The Daily Future: Improve Everyday Objects or Problems Using Technology ($365)
  • Boosting Your Employability in the Creative Industry ($165)
  • Sadu Inspired Product Design ($280)
  • Creative Leadership Group A: Shifting Perspectives for Societal Impact ($220)
  • Creative Leadership Group B: Shifting Perspectives for Societal Impact ($220)
  • Kids Workshop: Gardening Activity (Free)
  • Kids Workshop: Center of the Arts Painting (Free)
  • Kids Reading Corner by My Book My Friend (Free)
  • Kids Workshop: That Al Salasil Arts & Crafts (Free)
  • Kids Workshop: Engineering For Kids (Free)

If you’re interested to find out more about a specific workshop or want to register for one then Click Here

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