kuwait_events Ramadan is a great time to give.

Good deeds feel a little extra good in Ramadan ?

Ramadan is a great time to give.
Khaleejesque & Equait are organizing a small charity drive whereby a group of individuals volunteer to buy useful items to be pre-packed in bags then distributed before iftar, in low-income areas of Kuwait.

Pledge your time & goods to help us create as many donations as possible to deliver to the less fortunate.

1- Every volunteer must secure 5-10 purchases of the list below
(one volunteer = 5 to 10 list purchases)

2- Donate old backpacks, cross bags, large to medium size handbags, beach bags or tote bags to carry the donated items in (every volunteer must secure an equal number of bags to the number of lists they purchased)

3- Deliver your donations to Khaleejesque HQ and volunteer to partake in the delivery process.
Must know details of the drive:
Drive Date: Wednesday, 15th June 2016
Meeting point: Khaleejesque HQ, Mazaya Tower 3, 8th floor, 2:30 PM – 3 PM
Drive duration: 3:30 PM – 6 PM

Pledged goods list:
Sandwich (Americana, Al-Faisal, and Al-Matahin)
Water (Rawthatain, Abraj, ABC)
Juice (KDD, ABC)
Fruit (Slightly Green Bananas, Apples)
Small piece of sweet (Sara-Lee mini cupcakes & cakes)
Laban (Mini Pack)
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Items should be bought only one day before the drive to ensure nothing is close to expiration date

We encourage that you join our drive in groups (4 per group)
The more the merrier

You can pledge here for us to keep track of who’s coming:

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