@kiaq8 KIA’s Corporate Offer – عرض كيا للشركات

KIA’s Corporate Offer… The Right Choice To Grow Your Business
عرض كيا للشركات… الاختيار الصحيح لتنمية أعمالك

Abdulaziz Al-Ali Al-Mutawa Group Of Companies

Working Hours
Daily: 8:30 AM – 8:30 PM
Friday: 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM

KIA Showroom
Al Rai: 1805008

KFH Showrooms
Shuwaikh: 2439 7746
Ahmadi: 2439 7753

مجموعة شركات عبد العزيز العلي المطوع

ساعات العمل في معرضنا
يومياً: 8:30 صباحاً – 8:30 مساءً
الجمعة: 4:30 مساءً – 8:30 مساءً

معرض كيا
الري: 1805008

معارض بيت التمويل
الشويخ: 7746 2439
الأحمدي: 7753 2439

KIA Picanto

All in picanto
Driving should be an extension of yourself. Say hello to the new Picanto.
Sporty and stylish, it also delivers on the other essentials:
advanced features, eco-friendly technology, and of course, the now legendary Picanto individuality.

Kia Rio

The talented compact car
There’s no shortage on talent when it comes to the new Kia Rio. This sporty compact
with upgraded efficiency boasts a lower emissions rating than ever before. And with
detail given to its design as well, the new Kia Rio is more dynamic and sleeker than ever,
making it as pretty on the outside as it is smart on the inside. Now that’s talent.

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