FEN'TEG Fast Metabolism Diet – لدايت الحرق السريع

The Ultimate Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook – كتاب الطبخ لدايت الحرق السريع للدهون

Quick and Simple Recipes to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

When fat-burning food is your secret to healthy living, getting in the kitchen is both fun and
rewarding. Now you can easily enjoy the benefits of eating to boost your metabolism with The Ultimate
Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook, your essential companion to keeping the Fast Metabolism Diet. With more
than 200 delicious, simple, family-friendly recipes, this cookbook will give you the variety you need
to stay satisfied as you heal your body–and finally achieve your weight loss goals. Features include:

  • Clear explanations of why eating can actually help you lose weight
  • Informative food lists to ensure you make smart choices on the Fast Metabolism Diet
  • Invaluable tips for success as you move through the diet’s three stages
  • A sample four-week meal plan to help you get started
  • Nutritional information for every recipe

Enjoy flavor-packed meals that you will turn to again and again as you eat your way to a healthier,
happier, slimmer you.

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