Corporate Profile

The company was founded in 2015,
In a few years, it has become a leader in real estate development in the State of Kuwait.
Athra Real Estate Company attaches great importance to the studies and designs during the stage of implementing its real estate projects to produce real estate products and quality services and innovation.
Athra also pays particular attention to ensuring the interests and needs of its clients and clients to always satisfy them.
It is also keen to promote and develop its society economically and humanely, within the vision of its role in achieving sustainable development.
We have achieved continuous successes and steady growth through the projects achieved by the company in a few years of its inception as it became one of the main companies affecting the real estate market in the region,
It also contributed to restoring investors and real estate investors’ confidence in real estate investment through the good investment returns achieved by these projects.

Our vision

• The company combines the vision of the future and the safe planning of investment.
• The company takes real estate changes through comprehensive integrated development services, including modern methods of financing through greater property ownership.
• Athra Real Estate Company is committed to long-term commitment to the plans it creates to set new features for the population areas, taking into account the spirit of civilizational design.
• Athra Real Estate Company is committed to the principle of investing more time in in-depth studies of projects and the risks of investments before they are developed, thus helping and guaranteeing their clients positive and long-term investment.
• The company has a clear vision and principles during its construction period.

Our Objectives

The company adopts many strategic objectives related to the development of real estate and the development of investment opportunities. It also has the responsibility to fulfill the aspirations of the Kuwaiti citizen in the acquisition and investment.

The objectives of Athra company:
• Development of real estate sector
• Meeting the requirements of Kuwaiti citizens
• To keep abreast of the renaissance witnessed by the State in all fields
• Meeting the requirements of population growth by establishing commercial complexes
in the Sabah Al-Ahmad marine area
• Develop future plans, strategies and visions for commercial real estate activity
• Take advantage of the experience of others in the field of real estate development

Excellence in our business is a goal we seek, and we in our company have the desire and ambition to provide services and products that contribute to improving our investments to keep pace with the real estate industry and provide innovative products and integrated from idea to implementation, and strive to serve our customers.

The work of the credibility of our constants and our future vision in the field of investment and real estate development make us keep pace with the requirements of change and our first steps to work on restructuring our business in order to develop ourselves and the desire to touch the need of the Kuwaiti real estate market of products in the field of commercial projects in the Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Bahri ..

Today, with the development of the real estate market and the development of investment thought and the diversity of activities within the real estate industry, it is imperative for the investor in this sector to realize the importance of specialization and work on a clear vision and objectives to achieve success.

From here we established our investment rules to work integrally and select the right partners and allies to implement the projects from the study of the idea and then adopt the passage of development to finance and construction and to the marketing and sales of various real estate projects.

We will work with all our energy and in cooperation with our customers to achieve our vision and goals and we will provide the commercial products that serve our target range with the best specifications.

📍Floor 31 / Floor 32 / Floor 33, Kuwait Tower Building Fahad Al Salem street – Qibla Kuwait City