أراضي سكنية للبيع في تلال جبل علي، دبي

أراضي سكنية للبيع في تلال جبل علي، دبي

بجانب دبي باركس آند ريزورتس ومطار آل مكتوم الدولي وبالقرب من مقر معرض “اكسبو 2020” ضمن مشروع “جبل علي هيلز”

مشاريع المنطقة الترفيهية:

  • ليغولاند
  • حدائق بوليوود
  • موشن غيت
  • ملاهي 6 فلاغز
  • لؤلؤة دبي
  • عالم مغامرات آي إم جي
  • معرض الأكسبو 2020
  • مطار آل مكتوم الدولي

مساحات تبدأ من ٩٬٠٥٠ قدم مربع (٨٤٠ متر مربع)
أسعار تبدأ من ١٦٥ درهم للقدم المربع
تملك حر (للخليجين والأجانب)
ترخيص البناء (أرضي + دور أول)
البنية التحتية قيد التطوير حاليا (ديسمبر ٢٠١٦)

للإستفسار الإتصال على 00.965.96612389



عن ملاهي دبي باركس

About Dubai Parks™ and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts is the first integrated resort destination in the region.

It’s the home of three world-class theme parks and one water park, as well as Riverland Dubai, the grand entrance plaza, and a Polynesian themed family resort. 



LEGOLAND® Dubai and LEGOLAND® Water Park are the ultimate destination in the Middle East for families with children from 2-12. LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park are hands-on experiences allowing families to take part in LEGO® themed adventures through interactive rides, water slides, models and building experiences.



Autograph Collection Hotel

Wecome to a world of exciting adventures; a place where you and your family can explore, learn and bond together.

Lapita experiences are designed to unleash your imagination and activate your senses. Experts in the art of play, we awaken creativity and cultivate curiosity. Our friendly and caring ambassadors invite you on a fun-filled journey, where the destination is a state of togetherness.

Grow with us, make memories, and take something away with you.


LEGOLAND® Water Park
LEGOLAND® Water Park

LEGOLAND® Water Park will be the only UAE water park designed specifically for kids aged 2-12 and their families. At this unique water park, take on the Joker Soaker, build your very own LEGO® raft, go on a splash safari or slip and slide your way down one of our many attractions! Over 20 water slides and attractions designed specifically for kids aged 2-12 and their families to enjoy together!


Motiongate Dubai
Motiongate Dubai

Movie lovers all over the globe, motiongate™ Dubai welcomes you to a cinematic journey into the fantasy world of films. Dive into an alternative universe of captivating stories and adventures with your favourite animated characters from Hollywood.

Enjoy unique, high-value entertainment with the latest-in-technology attractions and new-generation rides that recreate the thrill only motion pictures can deliver.


Bollywood Parks™ Dubai
Bollywood Parks™ Dubai

The first theme park in the world dedicated to all things Bollywood!

Action, adventure, romance, comedy, music, dance, flavour and emotion, Bollywood style.

Come October 2016, Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, a part of the 25 million square feet Dubai Parks and Resorts Destination, will open its gates to every eager fan around the world.



Riverland Dubai is the gateway to Dubai Parks and Resorts. Journey through time and experience the street ambiance, theatres and cuisines from four distinct eras which have shaped today’s landscape: The French Village from the 1600’s, America’s of the 1950’s, the British Raj of the 1930’s and Europe of the early 19th century.

للإستفسار عن الأراضي

للإستفسار عن توفر الأراضي السكنية في منطقة تلال جبل علي، دبي (الإمارات العربية المتحدة) يرجى الإتصال على رقم 00.965.96612389

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